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The Sock Project

Discover the vibrant world of sock knitting with The Sock Project, a revolutionary guide by renowned knitting creator Summer Lee. Elevate your crafting journey with 12 levels of sock knitting expertise, ranging from the essential Basic Sock to intricate lace socks, cabled creations, Estonian Inlay masterpieces, and stunning designs in stranded knitting.

Perfect for crafters of all levels, this book caters to beginners eager to learn, knitters looking to enhance their sock skills, and anyone craving a kaleidoscope of colors and innovative patterns in their knitting repertoire. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of 18 dynamic and spirited sock patterns, including fresh variations on beloved designs.

Join the sock-knitting adventure and turn your knitting needles into a canvas of creativity. The Sock Project is not just a book; it's a jubilant explosion of Starburst-color inspiration for bold and adventurous knitters worldwide. Elevate your sock game and fill your drawers with the excitement of new designs and lively hues!

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