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Quaranskeins of Happiness


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Quaranskeins of Happiness is a fun yarn surprise that will ship right to your doorstep; since we should remain at home.

You can inspire us by giving us a 1 word clue. For example: a shade, a fiber, a yarn weight, or whatever else that sparks joy. Type your word in the notes section.  At that point, your favorite Knitiquegirl will stroll around the store and find a yarnie treasure that will light up your day.

You pick the dollar sum you are eager to spend, $ 50, $ 80 or $ 100.  Buy multiples, send one to your favorite fiber friend.  At that point, we will hunt for your Quaranskeins of Happiness. Your Surprise will be carefully curated with love and care. The value will be  excellent for what you pay, guaranteed . We love that you are confident in allowing us to pick for you.

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