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Knitique Exclusive Stitch and Row Counter Markers

.: Stitch Counter (25-100)

Price:  $ 19.99 
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.: Row Counter (Tens)

Price:  $ 24.99 
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Perfect for needles up to US 10

Stitch Counter Set 

Looking for a stylish and efficient way to keep track of your stitches? Check out our exclusive limited edition stitch counter markers, made with stunning iridescent acrylic.

This set comes with 6 markers, numbered from 25-100 (1-25, 2-50, 1-75 & 2-100), making it easy to count your stitches without the need to start over again and again.

To use while casting on, simply put the 25 marker on your needle after 25 stitches. While crocheting, use the attached pin to mark the 25th chain. These stitch counters will save you time and effort, making your knitting or crochet experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Don't settle for ordinary stitch counters - add a touch of glamour and efficiency to your project with these limited edition markers. Upgrade your stitching game today and get your exclusive stitch counter markers while they last!

Row Counter Set:  

Elevate your knitting or crochet game with our exclusive limited edition row counter markers, made with stunning iridescent acrylic.

This set comes with 10 markers, each bearing the number 10, making it easy to keep track of your rows. Simply pin them on to the row you're on every 10 rows, and you'll be able to quickly and accurately count your rows, ensuring consistent row counts on the back of your hand-created items.

Upgrade your project with a touch of glamour and functionality today - get your set of row counter markers now while they're still available!

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