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Curved Triangle Shawl KAL Kits by Artyarns


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Join us for this exciting and different Curved Triangle Shape shawl.  The knit-a-long starts on January 10 and the pattern is FREE from Artyarns with the purchase of your yarn.

Here’s how to join and get the pattern:

Purchase your yarn at the boutique or at
Go to

Hit “Cast On” to create your project page.
Add a photo of the Artyarns skeins you will be using. This must be a photo you yourself have taken, and not one from the Internet.
On or about January 10, you will receive Part 1 of the pattern. When you complete Part 1, post a photo on your project page. You should receive Part 2 of the pattern shortly thereafter, and so on.

Kit Color Combinations
A: Merino Cloud 931 and Silk Dream 611
B: Merino Cloud 611 and Silk Dream 366
C: Merino Cloud H24 and Rhapsody Glitter H3
D: Merino Cloud 101 and Rhapsody Glitter 317
E: Merino Cloud 605 and Silk Dream 378
F: Merino Cloud Transitions and Silk Day Dream 2264
G: Merino Cloud H41 and Silk Day Dream 513
H: Merino Cloud 379SP and Silk Day Dream 2357
I: Merino Cloud Scarlet Maples and Silk Day Dream 135
J: Merino Cloud 264 and Silk Day Dream 197C
K: Merino Cloud 611 and Silk Day Dream 916
L: Merino Cloud Pink Sands and Silk Day Dream 357
M: Merino Cloud 525 and Silk Day Dream 2328
N: Merino Cloud 172 and Silk Day Dream 363
O: Merino Cloud Earth Tones and Silk Day Dream 244

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