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Borocera Silk - Handspun Hope

Introducing the exquisite Borocera Silk, meticulously hand-spun amidst the scenic central highlands of Madagascar. Indulge in the allure of this captivating yarn, crafted with an artful blend of thick and thin fibers, evoking a truly mesmerizing texture.

Weight: #3 Dk
Yardage: Minimum 100m / 109 yds.
Gauge: 18-22 sts = 4" on US 5-7/3.5-4 mm
Fiber: 100% Madagascar Borocera Wild Silk
Care: Hand wash in tepid water. Do not agitate or twist. Shape and dry flat on towel.

After its journey from Madagascar, this resplendent yarn finds its way to Rwanda, where the talented women of Handspun Hope take charge. With utmost care, they skillfully ply and organically hand-dye the silk using native Rwandan plants, resulting in vibrant and eco-friendly hues.

By embracing Borocera Silk, you acquire a luxurious product and contribute to a meaningful cause. Since 2011, Handspun Hope has partnered with the Voajanahary cooperative, empowering the women artisans behind the creation of this luxurious yarn. Your purchase enables them to earn a fair wage while supporting initiatives that promote sustainable farming practices and safeguard the precious forests of Madagascar. Together, we foster a harmonious bond between local communities and their natural environment.

Experience the allure of our hand-spun Borocera Silk from Madagascar. Plied and organically dyed by the talented women of Handspun Hope in Rwanda, this luxurious yarn supports fair wages and sustainable initiatives, preserving forests and empowering local communities.

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