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Poema Alpaca - Laines du Nord

Poema Alpaca is a bulky weight yarn that combines the luxurious softness of alpaca fibers with the added strength of wool and nylon (polyamide). This yarn is made up of 75% alpaca, 15% wool, and 10% nylon.

The majority alpaca content in Poema Alpaca contributes to its exceptional softness and warmth. Alpaca fibers are known for their natural insulating properties, providing excellent heat retention and coziness. Alpaca is also prized for its lightweight feel, making it comfortable to wear and work with.

The inclusion of wool adds durability and structure to the yarn. Wool fibers are renowned for their elasticity and resilience, allowing your knitted or crocheted projects to retain their shape over time. Wool also contributes to the overall warmth and insulation provided by the yarn.

The addition of nylon (polyamide) enhances the strength and durability of Poema Alpaca. Nylon is a synthetic fiber known for its resistance to wear and tear, making it particularly useful for projects that require durability and longevity. It helps increase the yarn's resistance to pilling and ensures your finished items will hold up well to regular use.

Poema Alpaca's Italian origin reflects the country's renowned textile heritage and dedication to quality. Italian yarns are often admired for their exceptional craftsmanship, luxurious textures, and sophisticated color palettes.

While this yarn is listed as lace weight, we feel it is well-suited for a variety of worsted and bulky weight projects, including cozy scarves, hats, blankets, and oversized sweaters. The blend of alpaca, wool, and nylon in Poema Alpaca offers a combination of softness, warmth, durability, and structure, making it a fantastic choice for creating beautiful and enduring knitted or crocheted pieces.


#4 Worsted
Yardage: 437 y / 100 g
Fiber: 75% Alpaca, 15% Wool, 10% Nylon (polyamide)
Needle: 8 - 9 / 5 mm - 5.5 mm
Knitting Gauge: 19 stitches over 4in
Hook: H8 to I9 / 5 mm - 5.5 mm
Crochet: Single crochet 8-11 stitches per 4in
Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry

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