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Sea Glass Shoulder Cozy Kit

.: Coastal Oasis

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.: Desert Mirage

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.: Misty Monochrome

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.: Twilight Blossom

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2023 Have a Ball Fall Crawl Exclusive: Linen Whisper Shoulder Cozy Kit

Introducing our exclusive kit for the 2023 Have a Ball Fall Crawl! Crafted with passion and precision, this kit offers the perfect blend of simplicity, style, and sophistication.

Yarn Details:
- Material: 100% DK Linen- 1 skein of 3 different colors
- Brand: Belle Laine: Linen Whisper
- Features:Our high-end Linen Whisper yarn has a luxurious feel and texture that you'll adore. It’s meticulously spun to offer you a dreamlike knitting and crocheting experience. The natural luster and drape of the linen yarn make it ideal for a range of projects, particularly our unique shoulder cozy.

Shoulder Cozy Highlights:
- Versatile Styling:This shoulder cozy is your ideal companion for those breezy summer days. Whether you're aiming for a dressy look for that upcoming wedding or seeking a casual touch for a day out, it's the perfect addition to your wardrobe.
- Multi-Wear Design: The innovative design allows you to wear it in numerous ways, ensuring you can change up your style whenever you want.
- Unique Features: The special yarnovers in the project double as buttonholes, making it not only functional but also adding a dash of panache to the overall look.

Kit Includes:
- Sufficient Linen Whisper yarn to complete the project
- Information on Free Pattern
- Buttonhole and styling tips to wear the cozy in multiple ways

Why You'll Love It:
Linen Whisper's natural and breathable fiber ensures comfort on sun-kissed days. With its high absorbency, it'll keep you cool, and the durability of the linen means it’s a piece that you can cherish for years. The lightweight, yet cozy, feel makes it perfect for layering over a T-shirt or tank-top.

Pair your shoulder cozy with delicate accessories to enhance its elegance or combine with bold pieces to make a statement. It's adaptable, stylish, and waiting to be a part of your collection.

Note: This kit is a limited edition offering for the 2023 Have a Ball Fall Crawl, so grab yours while stocks last and dive into the world of Linen Whisper. Let your creativity soar and stitch your story!

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