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Chocolate Bars - French Broad Chocolate

.: Nicaragua 68%

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Guided by their mission to source with integrity and craft with care, French Broad Chocolate builds direct relationships with sustainable farmers and producers and transforms fine cacao beans into craft chocolate and confections in the mountains of Asheville, NC. 

Brown Butter Milk Chocolate 45%
This chocolate is a smooth & creamy, not-too-sweet, grown-up version of a childhood favorite.We taste caramel, cream, and yes, hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Dark Milk 53%
In our version of dark milk chocolate, we use 53% cacao and organic browned butter. Deep fudgy flavor is layered over subtle banana to create a profile that resembles a rich chocolate banana pudding.

Nicaragua 68%
The 68% dark chocolate made with this exceptional cacao has won us recognition in the Good Food Awards and at the esteemed Northwest Chocolate Festival. It has an earthy quality and offers flavors of black coffee and licorice.

Sea Salt 75%
This chocolate contains seventy five percent cacao and is sprinkled with flake salt. The salt brings out the jammy fruit notes in the profile, which combine with the flavor of peanut butter.

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