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Chukar Cherries

.: Cherry Blossoms 2.75 oz.

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.: Raspberry Truffles 2.75 oz.

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.: Chipotle Cherries Ultra Dark Chocolate 6.75 oz

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For over thirty years, the family-run Chukar Cherries has been perfecting the art of cherry transformation, turning the finest local sweet and tart cherries into a delectable array of award-winning chocolate-covered cherries, naturally sweet dried cherries without added sugar, and exquisite cherry gift baskets, among other treats. The secret to our mouthwatering creations lies in our unwavering commitment to freshness and our selection of pure, wholesome ingredients, all without the use of preservatives. Experience the taste of tradition and quality with every bite.

Cherry Blossoms
Experience the essence of Northwest orchards with our delectable treat: dried tart cherries lavishly coated in rich dark chocolate, finished with a delicate layer of white chocolate. Each piece is naturally colored and flavored with pure fruit essence, offering a taste of spring in every bite. Dive into the splendor of the season with this exquisite chocolate creation.

Organic Chocolate Chipotle Cherries

Dried Rainier cherries, ultra dark chocolate, mild pepper heat.

Raspberry Truffles
Indulge in our Raspberry Truffles, featuring dried cranberries layered with premium white chocolate and encased in tangy powdered raspberries. An exquisite treat for white chocolate aficionados. Sourced from the lush fields of North Cove in western Washington, our berries bring a burst of natural flavor. For a delightful twist, press Raspberry Truffles into oatmeal cookies just before baking, transforming a classic treat into a gourmet experience.

Cherry Bings

Savor the delight of plump dried Bing cherries, enveloped in smooth milk chocolate infused with pure cherry essence. A perfect harmony of flavors awaits in every bite.

Classic Dark Cherries
Indulge in our dark chocolate-covered cherries, where the natural sweetness of dried cherries meets the rich, artisanal chocolate for an exquisite taste experience.

Cherries for Wine
DDiscover our Dark Chocolate fan favorites: Amaretto Rainier Cherries, Cabernet Cherries, and Classic Dark Cherries. Each selection pairs flawlessly with wine, offering a sophisticated taste adventure that delights the senses.

Cherry Quartet
Tree-ripened, Washington cherries are slowly dried before being coated in custom milk or dark chocolate blends.

Honey Pecans
Honey-roasted praline pecans doused in premium milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar.

Triple Cherry Nut
Features all three of our Northwest dried cherries—Bing, Rainier, and tart—with fresh roasted almonds and pistachios
No added sugar or preservatives. Just pure energy and sweetness from Washington's orchards.

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